Now we are on this virtual journey I though we might need some FAQs so I've made a few up and will add to them as we go. Please just contact me at GetPumped@Pumped.org.uk if you have any questions or feedback. As you know this is a bit of a pilot so I'd like as much feedback as possible about how this is working for you, what would help and how you are feeling. Thank you and 1000 times thank you!

Why we are doing this?

  • 8/1000 children have a heart defect. Many in children Vietnam die because their families live in poverty.
  • Every $1 we raise pays for $3 worth of surgery for a child in desperate need to Vietnam.
  • Most families live on about $1 a day and the operations cost between $2,000 and $4,000.
  • We only need to raise $1000 to save a life. Amazing!
  • There are about 30,000 children on the waiting list.
  • Last year 1000Miles2Work paid for 12 operations and saved 11 children. You can see them here.

How to get sponsorship from people?

  1. Tell people what you are going to do. This is an amazing and engaging commitment and people will be inspired.
  2. Use social media (facebook, google plus etc...) when you exercise. Don't ask for sponsorship every time, but let people know the effort you are putting in. You can do this from this site when you log your miles.
  3. Be personal, make your updates count e.g. Really hard cycle in a headwind today, but it's another 8 miles off my PUMPED total! ;-)
  4. Be brave and ask for sponsorship, maybe at key points e.g. I've done my first 100 miles, will you sponsor me for the next 900, its going to hurt!?
  5. Work out a team strategy, if you know some of the same people ask for team sponsorship from them, for those you know individually take a personal tack.
  6. Make a fundraising goal for yourself, you can even put it in your Team Portal Profile. This will help spur you on!

Creating good emails and updates

  • Emails with pictures and not too many words seem to get a good response, so here are some images (on Dropbox- create a free account) you could use
  1. Pictures of the children we help
  2. Team sponsorship buttons (you'll need to add them as a link to your team page in the email)
  3. Go Team! and other avatars/images for your emails and social media (including "Keep Calm and Get Pumped" from Carla!).
  • Use some good figures to use:
    1. Our team are doing 9000 Miles from London to Ho Chi Minh
    2. I'm doing xxx Miles
    3. PUMPED are covering over 30,000 miles in total, one for each child on the waiting list for heart surgery.
  • If we all raised $1 a mile we would pay for about 30 operations!

Paper Sponsorship form

  1. I have made a paper sponsorship form for you to use with those who would prefer to pay you directly.
  2. Simply print off the form, add your name and miles and get fundraising!
  3. Just put the money into your bank account then then transfer it to VinaCapital using your team sponsorship page.
  4. I've added a column so you can keep track of the money that you collect and when it has been added to your team sponsorship total.

Logging Miles

  1. Go to the Team Portal and enter the Team Page 
  2. Log in using your email address *(its case sensitive)
  3. Use the Quick Log tool on the left (use the "Track your progress" button on the home page)
  4. Select the date that you completed your miles by typing or using the picker (today or earlier - nothing can be logged in advance)
  5. Start typing the activity. If it has been used before it will auto-complete for you.
  6. Add the distance you can use decimal places, every footstep counts! Select Miles or Kilometers. It will default to the unit saved in your profile.
  7. Click "Add Log" to save. 
  8. Share your achievement online to help people see how much effort you are making!

Editing your profile

  1. Click your name in the Team Portal right hand corner once you've logged in
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Change your data including your preferred units for distance (KM or Mi).
  4. Click Update (or Reset if you want to reset changes you were making)
  5. Some fields cannot be changed, if you need to change those please send an email to support@pumped.org.uk

Changing your team sponsorship page:

  1. I admit, like the rest of PUMPED I have just made up all the pages and they may not best reflect your team... so you can change them...
  2. To do this just join the Cause then email Support@Pumped.org.uk and ask for edit access, I will grant it and off you go! You will need a facebook account.
  3. You can add a photo or video. Media is the easiest way to capture someone's attention and is the most important thing you can add to gain more donations.
  4. You can add a goal. Adding a goal for donations helps your supporters have something to strive for.
  5. You can Set a deadline. A deadline for your campaign creates a sense of urgency that will help you rally support.

Adding people to my team

  1. You can continue to add others to your team as you go! Just ask then to Register.
  2. There is no limit to the number of people but if teams get too far passed the 9000 mile target I may ask for them to split up a bit.

Feeding back on the website or sponsorship pages

Problems donating?

  • Find out about How the Causes website works from a financial point of view. This includes how they keep your donations secure.
  • I have had problems before with donations from the UK. If anyone else does ask them to  select the country before filing in other fields. 
  • If the sponsorship page is not working then please contact support@causes.com