Pumped! Teams are flexible, its the beauty of a virtual team

Just train, gym, spin, commute and play, log your miles on this site and as they mount up you and your team will travel half way across the world to Vietnam under their own steam, where hundreds of children are waiting for heart surgery that their parents cannot afford.

Pumped teams

  • Can be of any size, you can tackle 9,000 miles on your own if you wish (!) or get a whole spin class to do it together.
  • Can be multisport, cycling, running, swimming, even cross country skiing, as long as it's under your own steam it counts!
  • Can be made of team mates located anywhere, so you can do a family / friends / club / collagues team. No need to be in the UK or even  in the same timezone as each other.
  • Can pick their own epic non-virtual element if they want to.
  • Are not obligatory, if you commit to cycling we will add you to one of our friendly virtual teams.
  • Can be joined at any time, you don't have to be in it from the start to take part.

Joining a team

Creating a team

  • Just find team mates, decide on a name and allocate your miles
  • Then register with the team name
  • As a team you can decide if you do a non-virtual element to your race, the time, date, type of exercise and distance.
  • Work out how you will celebrate finishing!
  • There's no team captain or additional responsibilities, we will track your miles and provide you with a team page to collect sponsorship.

As a guide

  • I cycled 1000 miles to work last year in 84 12 mile commutes 
  • A weekly spin class is about 15 miles, thats 750 miles a year!
  • A 10 mile sunday ride a week would cover over 500 miles in a year!
  • Three 6 mile runs a week is 936 miles!
  • If you want to do something else just were a pedometer in your exercise class, use GPS on your iphone or track on a map and add up the miles.
  • It all stacks up! Just keep at it and getting sponsors.

So just Register and either put in a team name or ask to join our own virtual team.

Got any feedback? Ideas? Please just mail us at GetPumped@pumped.org.uk