The aim of PUMPED is to save the lives of children whose families exist on about $1 a day in Vietnam. These children not only live in poverty but they have been born with a congenital heart defect that means they are unlikely to live to adulthood and many will not live passed 5 years old. Such defects happen in 8/1000 children all over the world. Some defects are simple, we've all heard of "a hole in the heart" for example, and many are more complex. The operations cost between $2000 and $4000 and so the parents simply cannot afford to pay for the life saving surgery.

VinaCapital is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in Vietnam who find and then treat these children. They raise money outside Vietnam and then double or triple it inside Vietnam to maximise their impact. This means that every $1 raised pays for $3 worth of heart surgery, so that each surgery will only cost us about $1000.

Here are the children that we have paid for since we started on April 14th 2013:


Thanh Bihn's operation has been made possible by PUMPED!

Thanh Binh was an 18 month old when she had her operation, one of three children in her family. Six months after being born, she was diagnosed with a Ventricular septal defect (a hole in the heart) while she was suffering another defect, a cleft palate. Following instructions from doctors, she had an operation to fix her cleft palate first because she was unable to feed properly and was underweight. 

Her operation to fix her heart cost 2,400 USD.  Binh’s parents both work, earning about 158 USD per month which just covers their their daily expenses and fluctuates. They have no savings, a 42 meters square old house, 500 square meters of rice field and no valuables, except a bicycle and an old motorbike. Get Pumped stepped in to help.

Binh is now home after successful heart surgery and is recovering well.

Hein is now back at home with his two brothers, fit and well

Hien is a grade-8 boy who was diagnosed with a hole in the heart and pulmonary hypertension two years ago when he was was very poorly indeed. His parents are farmers whose income is just VND 3,500,000 (~167USD) each farming season. Hien's older brother left school when he was in grade 10. Since then, he has worked as a porter and a hired laborer to earn money and help his parents. While the family’s youngest in grade 3. The operation cost $2381, well beyond the reach of his hard working family.

However the money raised by Get Pumped enabled him to have his heart fixed on the 21st January 2014. He was discharged just 8 days later and he is now at home, fit and well.


This gorgeous little chap is now back at home thanks to Get Pumped!

Dung is the youngest of three children in this family but he was born with a hole in his heart which needed urgent attention. Both Dung’s father and mother are farmers whose income is always low and unstable. It’s is hard for this family to cover daily living expenses; let alone cover the$2262 cost for Dung’s heart surgery . His heart disease meant that he was often sick and frequently had difficult breathing. His life was at risk every day.

Then Simon ran up three mountains in 24 hours and cycled across England the next weekend - the generosity of his supporters enabled Dung's operation to happen and literally saved his life. His family are everso grateful for every step and pedal, as you can see from his mother's face in this picture.


Get Pumped enabled this two year old to have an operation that saved her life.

Tran is the first-born child in a very poor rural family. She was unfortunately born with congenital heart disease that put her life at risk. Her mother and father live with her grandparents’ family which has eight members. Tran’s father is a worker whose income is too low to cover the milk fee for Tran,his last coin was used to get her to the assessment centre. Luckily Heartbeat Vietnam was able to step in, fund the $2143 operation and enable the family to attend the hospital for an operation on the 21st January 2014.

Now they don't have to worry about hospital fees and trips they can focus on building a life for their small family.


Gia Bang's Dad is so thrilled to have his little girl well again

Gia Bang is just one, the youngest of two children. Her sister now is attending school. Her family is living with her grandparents. She was born with congenital heart disease and needed to have heart surgery as soon as possible to save her life.  Her parents are farmers so their income is so low and unstable. Covering the daily expenses is extremely difficult; let alone covering the surgery $1905 cost for Gia Bang.

As you can see from the picture Gia Bang's father was so happy to know that his daughter's heart was no longer going to cause her problems after her operation on the 20th Jan 2014. He sends heartfelt thanks for saving her life.

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Here are two more of the photo's we have been sent, just to make you smile: